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How To Get Over The Many Challenges Of Parenting

Posted By: Rubidoux Tiberius Xavier on August 7, 2011 at 8:15 am

Unless you are a parent, you don’t know how difficult child rearing can be. People know the children can go astray, but we still have to love them through thick and thin. Our kids have their unique personalities, and part of the joy of the experience is watching it unfold. Kids developing and changing over time allows us to see the differences between them, especially if we are raising more than one. So if you’re having your first child, don’t worry about doing it just right and just go with the flow. Everything that you do every day is something to learn from which will help you become a better parent. Sharing from our experience, take this advice and hopefully it will help you as you begin to raise your family.

While many parents have trouble coping with the behavior of their toddlers, you actually have several choices available to you. You can use the fact that these young children have very short attention spans to your advantage. Distracting your toddler towards something new and less troublesome, then, is the simplest and often the most successful strategy. There’s a good chance that you’ve stumbled upon this method through your own experience, as many parents do. There is such a natural and almost logical thinking behind it. The idea is to divert your toddler the moment he or she is beginning to act up. With practice, you should be able to identify which objects or activities work best for this purpose.

It’s always best to create firm and consistent boundaries that your children know they have to stay within. This actually enables the child to feel much more secure and grounded. Do your best to make your children understand why these rules or limits are necessary. You can hope that your children will respect these limits, but you realistically have to expect that this won’t always be the case. So just accept it because fighting it will only cause friction and stress. When you do set up a certain rule, you have to make your children aware that it’s meant to be followed at all times.

There’s no point in creating rules or standards for your children to follow if they can get away with ignoring them with no repercussions. In other words, there has to be consistency between what you tell your kids about consequences and what you actually do when they break the rules. Some parents allow their children to avoid consequences by crying or begging, and this undermines any attempts at discipline. Once you establish this kind of precedent, your children will know exactly what they have to do to avoid consequences. The important thing is to be consistent, so that your children will learn that it’s futile to try to avoid the rules and consequences you’ve laid down. It’s really essential that children grow up understanding that they can’t get away with disregarding rules, and as a parent you’re the one who they should learn this from.

When you think about parenting, it really becomes quite clear that much is common sense. Remember that even if being a parent seems new and strange to you, you can always draw on your own early years for guidance. Your memories and experiences can be drawn upon, and this is often very helpful. Both you and your children can benefit from what you’ve picked up, so keep this handy.

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