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What Borderline Personality Disorder is All About

Posted By: Andrea Bacon on October 27, 2011 at 9:27 am

Those who have the Borderline personality disorder would often deal with emotions that may change every time, and they are also prone to being aloof. The major patients who feel these symptoms are mostly those who are on their teens, because they are impulsive and are not aware of their actions too. Because it is normal for teenagers to act this way, doctors may have a hard time dealing with who really has such disorder.

The disorder is commonly present on those who are on the teen stage where they are normally rebellious and aloof. These results are often obtained from a lack of self-understanding and being able to relate with others as well. This kind of disorder would often be obtained by having to experience negative emotions at home or when surrounding with public people.

People with borderline personality disorders are very impulsive in at least two aspects that can be self-damaging such as substance abuse, sex, spending, reckless driving or binge eating. Some also feel so empty inside that they get to be desperate on making efforts to avoid such emotions. Some people with the disorder are very impulsive regarding the self-image that they have been finding and trying to administer.

Aside from all the factors that are implied on teenagers having the said disorder, they are also very intense with their emotions. This is usually characterized by anxiety, irritability and intense episodic dysphoria. In some cases, those diagnosed with such disorders experience paranoid thoughts even to a point of recurrent suicidal behavior.

Borderline personality disorders are more common in females as 75% of those diagnosed are women. It is also a known fact that such disorders affect about 2% of the US population. Facing psychological problems, patients having the said disorder can only be diagnosed with the help of a mental health administrator because there are no technological laboratory tests that are applicable yet.

From teens to early adults, they are the ones that are most likely to have the disorder because of their extreme behavior and psychological thoughts. The only teens who start to feel the symptoms carry on around 18 years old teenagers. Since the borderline personality disorder is usually present among teens, even younger ones are already having symptoms of the disorder.

Those that have the borderline personality disorder may have experienced bad memories from the past especially in the family, and this has made psychological impact on them. There were also results that were conducted to derive those patients having the disorder are mostly having parents that are not properly having a smooth life. Some experts also entertain the possibility of the child having the influence of genes from his or her parents.

Positive upbringing should then be implemented to diminish the appearance of the disorder especially if there are genetic issues present. Make sure that your child will be raised up on a healthier and positive environment where he or she will grow nurtured. It is crucial for the child to have at least one supportive caregiver who can provide a stable and fostering environment for the child.

The easiest way to eliminate the disorder is through going for the services of specialized therapists. Sadly speaking, there has not been a wide level of studies done on how different treatment methods react in curing the disorder. The prescriptions given by doctors are taken to slow down the symptoms of the disorder, but it doesn’t assure total treatment.

It is both hard for the adults and teenagers to find an effective treatment that can safely deliver them away from the symptoms. Because teenagers often display radical and rebellious behavior, it then makes it hard for close family and friends to distinguish if such teenagers are displaying typical teenage behavior or signs of a personality disorder. If you have a child that has been diagnosed with the disorder, you may directly consult a therapist to know which methods should be implemented right away.

An effective treatment will be worth nothing if there is no family support.

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