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Have You Got Depression? Omega 3 Supplements May Help

Posted By: Peter Crump on August 16, 2011 at 7:45 am

The Omega3 essential fatty acids DHA and EPA are essential to good health. Not only that but they essential to the optimum operation of your brain, and there is now emerging evidence that those who are deficient in their intake of the Omega3 essential fatty acids may well help ameliorate depression and other mental conditions like bipolar disorder by increasing their intake fish oil.

That’s because fish, and in particular oily fish, are the best food source of the Omega 3 essential fatty acids DHA and EPA. In the past fish made up a larger percentage of our diet, but now do not do so. Fish have been replaced in our diet with burgers and chips and pizza.

Our brain is made up of more than 50 percent fat, and DHA is an essential part of that fat. There is emerging evidence that is showing that a good supply of DHA through infancy can help improve mental development in children, and can also help children with ADHD and ADD.

And there is also evidence that those with depression may well experience some relief from increasing their intake of the Omega3 fats.

And it’s not just depression, there is also evidence that more Omega3 can help with anxiety as well.

A study which has been published recently in the Journal called Brain, Behaviour and Immunity has found that students who were given Omega 3 supplements were less liable to both anxiety and depression.

It is not entirely clear why this should be the case. However it is well known that the Omega3 fatty acids are extremely effective anti-inflammatories, and this is why they are so good for a range of different health problems.

And it is postulated that this anti-inflammatory effect means that the production of cytokines in the body, which produce inflammation, is reduced when there are more Omega3 fats available. Links have been shown between cytokine production and psychological stress and anxiety.

Another study found that there appears to be “a plausible link between rates of seafood consumption and rates of both depression and bipolar disorder, with lower seafood consumption being linked to higher rates of depression and bipolar disorder”.

Seafood, and in particular oily fish, is the best food source for the Omega 3 fats.

Of course this doesn’t mean that if you have depression, anxiety or bipolar disorder you should immediately start taking high doses of Omega 3 supplements. Always consult your doctor first, however it may well be that taking Omega 3 supplements could be a valuable part of an overall treatment strategy.

However it’s worth remembering that not all Omega3 supplements are as good as others and that they cannot be compared on price.

To find out how to locate the best Omega 3 supplements visit my website.

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