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How to Be a Good Mom

Posted By: Cindy Thomas on August 26, 2011 at 8:17 am

Always love them no matter what they do. Love is the most important gift you can give your children. And also always hug your children no matter how big they are because everyone needs hugs to survive. All children’s are naughty so every time your child does something naughty like spill juice on your brand new furniture, just take a deep breath and count to ten. Sometimes it’s really hard not to yell and all mothers yell at some point.

Respect is the key to every relationship. Learning to give respect to your children is essential. It is only when you give respect that you receive them. Appreciating them on all the little things, they do. Encouraging them will result in wanting them to do more. It is important for children to understand family ethics. As a parent, it is necessary to show children how much you are willing to do for the family. Children should be aware of how hard their parents work and care for their needs. This will teach them to do the same to their family in the future. Parents are responsible for building a loving home for children to grow in.

Have goals for your children, your family and yourself. Involve your family in your goals, teach them to make goals of their own and challenge them to achieve them. For example, if they want a new toy and it’s not close to Christmas or a birthday, have them do a few extra chores around the house they don’t normally do to earn the toy.

It’s important to teach your children about your family history and its traditions. Some families have daily traditions and some have holiday traditions. You could cook an old traditional recipe or sing old traditional songs etc. A family gets close only by keeping family traditions alive.

Be kind to your child. They are born innocent and try to keep them that way as long as possible. It’s important that we answer to all the questions asked by your children. Keep talking to them and learn what they want out of life. All children would prefer to hear more about life from people they love and trust than from complete strangers or friends. By talking to them, your children will love and respect you more. A mom is the best person to influence their children to be the best they can be. Remember to treat your children with dignity, love and respect and they will treat you with the same.

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