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Posted By: wbhazel1 on August 6, 2011 at 2:05 am

Has your drinking or use of other substances gotten you in trouble at home, school, or work?

Has your drinking or use of other substances resulted in arrest, probation or other community sanctions?

Have you ever driven while under the influence?

Are you arguing more with your loved ones? Have they or your friends told you that maybe you should drink less?

Have you ever went out drinking or used other substances and were unaware of what you did only to be embarrassed when told by your friends later when sober?

Have you ever regretted actions taken or words spoken while drinking or otherwise under the influence of some intoxicant?

Have you lost relationships, opportunities or given up in school because of your use?

Hard to get up in the morning; get to work on time, getting along with your coworkers or boss? Have you noticed that your work has gotten worse? Have you ever gone to work under the influence?

Have you noticed that you need to drink more and more just to feel the same way you used to when you first began?

Ever go out thinking you will ONLY have one or two drinks and later drank or spent much more time or money than was originally intended?

Have you tried to drink less or just stop and were unsuccessful?

Have you ever felt sick or physically uncomfortable when you stopped using alcohol or other substances?

Have you ever drunk alcohol or used another substance despite being on medication which should not be mixed with alcohol or didn’t take a medication specifically to avoid this problem?

Alcohol and drug use can progress into abuse and even addiction so quickly and quietly that sometimes people do not realize that their drinking or drugging has become a real problem for them and those around them.

The progression of addiction — and the chaos it can cause for those close to the substance abuser — has been illustrated with the story of the frog in the water. The story goes, if you put a frog in a pot of hot water, he will jump out immediately. But if you put the  same frog in a pan of water that is body temperature and then very slowly turn up the heat, the frog will not jump out even at the boiling point.

The change was so slow and gradual, he didn’t even notice.


What about your situation?  Are you a social drinker or have you progressed to becoming cooked?

If you are experiencing these or other problems related to your use of alcohol or other substances THERE IS HELP AVAILABLE!

William B Hazel, III is a licensed and board certified clinical social worker as well as addictions specialist. He can help by providing an online assessment, individually tailored treatment based on a plan that YOU and he agrees to together. He is able to provide you with the tools to change your life. Services provided by include DWI/DUI work to assist you with your legal needs depending upon the state/jurisdiction. Please check with the referral source (court, probation, parole etc.) for preapproval. Supportive counseling and codependency work is also available.

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