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William B. Hazel III, MA, MSW, ACSW, LCSW, LADC


I earned my MSW from Southern Connecticut State University in 2004. I specialized in Community Mental Health and Substance Abuse. I also hold a MA in Criminal Justice from John Jay College of Criminal Justice, City University of New York It was then that I began to appreciate the invaluable work done by forensic social workers.

For the past 15 years I have worked in clinical as well as case management roles in community mental health, child welfare services (both as a contracted provider in New York City as well as a child protective services worker, children services consultant and supervisor in the greater Bridgeport Area). And substance abuse rehabilitation. I have worked side by side with combat veterans on overseas assignment and I believe that I can use the tools of knowledge, experience and clinical skill to help you overcome, improvise and adapt your current hurdles in life. Together we will review what has been tried, what no longer works for you and devise a new blueprint for your newfound success!

If you’re having issues with alcohol and other drugs, depression, PTSD symptoms from whatever cause, anxiety or stress call me! If anger issues are ruining your enjoyment in life I CAN HELP! Sometimes it helps to “bounce things off” an skilled and impartial person who can aid you in seeing the forest despite the trees.

I chose social work as a profession due in part to my erstwhile interest in the inner workings of the human mind and cognitive behavioral approaches. I especially find myself in life rooting perennially for the underdog so to speak and take great pleasure in assisting vulnerable people regain power and control in their lives. I like many of you have survived monumental challenges, hardship and unfairness. I have overcome and can help you find your way.

Social workers have a proud and glorious history of rebuilding lives not by tearing down self image by telling clients that ALL is wrong with them. Social workers with their Ecological perspective “tweak” the client but more importantly “tweak” the systems which impact their lives. I am an erstwhile champion for Social Justice taking great honor; privilege and pleasure in helping YOU to meet fulfill your potential and make your life one that is more worthwhile living!

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