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Beat Depression Through Your Actions

Posted By: Lin Zhong on October 10, 2011 at 8:40 am

Getting over depression was probably one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do. When I was trying to beat it, I was doing a lot to try to change my thoughts, but part of me was still influenced by the black cloud of depression hovering over me. I tried very hard to change my thinking, but after it didn’t work, I started seeing myself feeling better after changing my actions. I stopped thinking of my feelings as the absolute truth. Cognitive Behavior therapy was one of the best things I’ve ever done for myself, doing writing exercises everyday to identify what was making me sad. If you are trying to beat depression, don’t try to change your thoughts, try to change your actions instead.

Your actions are the easiest and most measurable things you can change. You belief system and thoughts are actually more ingrained in your brain than you might think. It is extremely difficult to switch from thinking “I’m depressed” to “I’m not depressed”. But it’s not difficult to spend 30 minutes everyday comparing what you feel versus what just happened. It’s not difficult to spend 10 minutes everyday to take a nice walk, and it’s not difficult to resolve to talk to 1 stranger per day. I’ve done all of the above, while they were not difficult, I had to resolve to do all of these things

Actions are easy to change, but feelings are the inverse. You could simply not choose to act on your feelings, but you can’t help but feel them, especially when you are wronged. When you first experience somewhat better from your depression, let me tell you that you will probably feel the same, but then you will have a peace of mind to let it go and focus on something you can control and something that makes you feel better. You won’t be feeling drastically different overnight, but if you really work hard towards figuring out what made you depressed, you will get out of it.

Action will help you get over your depression, but being judgmental about yourself will not. Write down everyday what made you sad and trace it back to what made you feel like that. Don’t feel ashamed of what you feel and don’t blame yourself for being human. Things happen, they pass, and we grow. Once you start doing more things, getting to know more people, and reading more books, you’ll realize that we’re essentially more the same than different.

Depression serves a purpose, however bad it may feel right now. Depression is just another word for being sad for a long time, longer than you want. This serves the purpose of giving you a warning sign to stop doing things that make you sad and start discovering or doing things that make you feel strong. If you are determined and commit to doing something everyday to overcome your depression, you will get over it.

Want to learn how to truly get over depression through action? Learn more at How to Overcome Depression Naturally

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