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How to Discipline Your Children For Best Results

Posted By: Maggie Richardson on August 12, 2011 at 8:26 am

One of the most difficult issue any parent faces is how to react when a child does something that clearly needs correcting. Indeed, such situations can force us to call upon all our accumulated knowledge and wisdom. Still, it seems there are never any guarantees, either. If we’ve managed to create a stable and enduring connection with our children, everything else will tend to fall into place. It is the difficult and often tough times that can be made a little less daunting if the overall relationship is strong and of course based on love and acceptance. This way, our children will never doubt our love and concern for them, even when there are disagreements. By the way, we learned a lot of this information through the bed wetting issues we faced with our last child.

It can be extremely difficult to reconcile with a grown child who’s become estranged from you. No matter what mistakes you’ve made in the past, though, it’s always possible to do better in the future if you make a real effort. Just because you got off to a rough start doesn’t mean you can’t turn things around. By the way, we learned a lot of this stuff through the bed wetting issues we faced with our smallest child.

While you may think that a toddler having an outburst is a very difficult situation, you usually have more alternatives that you think. The reason has everything to do with the very young age and the fact they do not understand. That’s why one of the most effective responses to any misbehavior on the part of toddlers is simply to distract them. This is something many parents do instinctively, whether they realize it or not. There is such a natural and almost logical thinking behind it. Try to think of effective distractions, so that the next time the child begins to create a disturbance, you’ll be prepared. Every toddler is a little different, so you have to use whatever diversions are most likely to capture the attention of your own child.

In recent years, lots of research on parenting techniques has been done. Various studies have been done, and experts have compiled all kinds of data on this topic. Positive reinforcement rather than punishment is now the recommended way to discipline children for best results. Positive reinforcement is simply giving them positive feedback when they do something well. You may find that it’s hard to do this, especially if you’re accustomed to finding fault with everything your kids do. Of course, you can’t turn a blind eye to actions or behavior that requires adjusting, but it’s still possible to shift your overall focus more in the direction of what the child is doing well. The best approach to discipline is finding the right middle ground.

Parenting, like many other aspects of life, is often a matter of finding a good balance. However, it’s common for parents to get stuck harping on the negative side of things. You hear much less from these parents about what their child is doing right. You see how there is an imbalance there, and very often that cultivates a feeling that they are only spoken to when they do something wrong. You can achieve a healthier balance by going out of your way to praise and compliment your kids when it’s appropriate. It is not necessary to go overboard about it, and never sound like you don’t mean it. If you stay true to your actual feelings and communicate this to your children, they’ll appreciate it.

You can lay the foundations for successful parenting early on, and that really is the best time to let your child know what is important to you and them. Consistency is one of the most important traits a parent can have, so as you find effective parenting methods, stay with them.

And finally, be sure to check out this bed wetting guide and this resource on bed wetting boys.

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