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2. Contact -> Enroll


On your mobile

Like the sound of free Skype-to-Skype calls* when you’re not at your computer? Get Skype on your mobile and you can take Skype with you wherever you go.


On your computer

Install Skype, add your friends and as contacts, then call, video call and instant message with them/me for free. Call people who aren’t on Skype too, at really low rates.


YAHOO / AIM ( onlinehelppro )

AOL/AIM screen name: OHelpPro
Yahoo! ID and Email Address: onlinehelppro AT yahoo DOT com


TWITTER ( onlinehelppro )


MAGIC JACK (203) 340-3018

If you call me at 203-340-3018, are you charged for a long distance call?

Any charges applied to a person calling me is dependent on their individual calling plan and their current carrier. Typically, people have an unlimited calling plan for both local and long distance calls.

If you get a magicjack also, then you won’t pay anything other than magicjack’s $20 annual fee.

PUSH-2-TALK (left tab)

1-408-688-5307 Ext 8051 Press 1


admin AT onlinehelp DOT pro – generic administrator email account

register AT onlinehelp DOT pro – counseling / course enrollment account

support AT onlinehelp DOT pro – support / help desk


General Chat, Private Chat Or Group Chat

• Password-Protected Private Individual Rooms For Clients
• Password Protected Private Group Rooms For Clients

• Private Chats between two members
• Unlimited Number of Rooms
• Password Protected Rooms
• Public and Private Rooms
• Moderated Rooms (Only voiced members can speak)
• Calender informs members of group chats and other events

***Times I’m Online In Chat***

Most of the time, 05:00:00 US/Eastern through 11:00:00 US/Eastern, I’ll have the “General Chat” room open monitoring it as “admin”.

Simply become a “Registered User”, click on “General Chat”, look to the right on the “Online List” and you’ll see everyone in the “General Chat” room.

If you want a Private Chat with me, click on “admin” on the “Online List”, click on the “Private Chat” button under the “Profile” tab to send me a Private Message (PM).

If we deem it appropriate, I’ll send you the logon details for a more secure private chat room.

If I’m offline, you may send me an offline message via the “Send Mail” button under the “Profile” tab or your “User CP”, “Offline Msgs” function.

NOTE: You can send a private message to anyone, as long as they have not put you on their Block List.

To send a Private Message (PM), select their name on the “Online List” in a chat room and click the “Private Chat” button under the “Profile” tab.

This will open a new Private Message window.

You should then be able to private chat will them if they are still online.

The “Profile” tab displays some quick information about the user and gives you several ways to contact them or read more about them.

After clicking on a username on the “Online” list, the “Profile” tab will display the words ‘Updating …’ for several seconds while it loads information from the database.

Afterwords, the user’s username, group and current status will be displayed.

Below the mini-profile information are three buttons.

The first button, “Full Profile”, will open up a page that contains the user’s complete profile with all the information they have chosen to make available.

The next button is the “Private Chat” button which will open a private chat window between you and that user.

The third button is the “Send Mail” button, this button allows you to send the user an offline message.

ALSO, you may click “User CP” (user control panel), click “Offline Msgs”, send mail to me by typing “admin” in the “send to” box and fill in the rest like a regular email.

General Chat, Private Chat Or Group Chat

FACEBOOK ( facebook page is located at onlinehelppro

Brief explanation regarding the fee structure:

The below fees listed you will find are generally lower than many similarly trained professionals. Reasons for the reduced fees include lack of overhead related to administrative, billing, labor and facility costs, therefore passing on savings to you the client!

Initial contact:

This is a brief discussion of your concern(s), scheduling of assessment and/or therapy appointment(s). Questions as to if this service is right for you are appropriate as well as questions concerning counselor’s background, training, and general philosophy. This is not a therapeutic session or appropriate for crisis response.



This is after the initial appointment is scheduled and we outline your concerns, review patterns and together create a plan to improve your personal or emotional situation. This generally takes up to 90 minutes and can be accomplished in any manner you wish.

To save time, it’s recommended the client complete as much as possible the below MS Word form and send to register AT onlinehelp DOT pro before the scheduled meeting.

OnlneHelpPro Client Forms Adults (MS Word Format)

$150.00 per assessment (60-90 minutes)

Skype/Instant Messaging/Private Chat:

This will be conducted either through chat (preferred-secure), audio or visual communication and costs are dependent upon time spent in therapy. Prior to your session counselor will review the minutes of our last session and prepare for follow-up.

Skype/Private Chat (preferred-secure) 30 min :$60 per session

Skype/Private Chat (preferred-secure) 50min : $100 per session


This is when you send an email to inquire as to what should be done in a given situation or circumstance AFTER you are enrolled as a client. This is in ADDITION to our regularly scheduled communication.

$25.00 per email

Currently I am not in an network insurance panel provider but as a licensed therapist.

Please discuss with your insurance company the process to be reimbursed for the use of an “out-of-network” provider.

As I am currently in discussion with some government programs, this material may change and will be reflected in this section upon finalization.


The above ways of communication are NOT HIPPA or Hitech compliant.

Although many have high degrees of encryption, they have NOT entered into a business agreement to ensure that all Joint Commission standards have been met.

I will always endeavor to keep any risk to you, my client, as minimized as possible.

Let’s discuss how we can avoid undue exposure of your personal information yet still get the problem resolved.

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