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Treating People With Schizophrenia

Posted By: wbhazel1 on December 3, 2011 at 10:55 am

These letters published in The New York Times Opinion Page were written by psychiatrists on the cutting edge of treatment of individuals who live with Schizophrenia and other psychotic disorders.The letters were written in response to another posted article“Finding purpose after living with delusion” (“Lives Restored” series, front page, Nov. 26.

They discuss and lament changes in the field reflecting pressures they are under to treat symptoms through medication management without the use of psychotherapy. They are essentially prohibitted from providing talk therapy to any patient unless said patient has the financial resources to pay out of pocket. Please enjoy this article and comment.

William B. Hazel, III,

Treating People With Schizophrenia

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With Anorexia, Total Recovery Can Be Elusive

Posted By: wbhazel1 on November 24, 2011 at 11:43 am

This is very good qualitative article written by Abby Ellin for The New York Times.

It discussed the eating disorder Anorexia, an illness inwhich at least a third of sufferers will chronically suffer and another third will die of this disease.

Interestingly enough despite the widespread impact that this disorder has, particularly on women and adolescents there is a dearth of studies relating to recovery.

Recovery has been defined in different ways by different groups. According to this article there is shockingly very few studies done on recovery

I think a helpful way of looking at Anorexia and Bullimia is it is a disorder with significant medical as well as mental health components which each must receive proper therapy.

It was interesting to read about the emergency room physician at a high powered medical school who after years of recovery relapsed and saw her life suffer a significant setback.

All in all this was an interesting read and worth sharing.

Please enjoy this article:

William B. Hazel III,

With Anorexia, Total Recovery Can Be Elusive

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Eating Disorders a New Front in Insurance Fight

Posted By: wbhazel1 on October 14, 2011 at 11:06 am

This article printed in The New York Times covers a relatively long term debate over what managed care companies should and should not cover in terms of mental health diagnoses.

Despite the relatively recent federal and many state mental health parity laws it appears that many insurers still have not yet gotten the message. In this article they argue the merits of residential treatment programs which they apparently view with a rather jaundiced eye. Is this a case of being penny wise and pound foolish whereas they will readily pay for hospital level care which we all know is infinitely more expensive or the comparable skilled nursing facility.

They additionally are willing to pay for outpatient level care which as we helping professionals realize is insufficient to meet the needs of many. I won’t get into the great debate of federal oversight over residential care facilities but I will readily state that it helps many thousands of patients on a consistent basis. The diagnoses this article portrays? Eating Disorders which affects all segments but especially young women, particularly those of adolescent age. Please enjoy the article.

Eating Disorders a New Front in Insurance Fight

Eating Disorders-Health Insurance Problems

Hello everyone: I need you to tell me your personal story regarding any and all health insurance problems you have had when seeking coverage for your eating disorder. Something needs to be done about this core issue that appears to be impacting the v…

How to get life insurance when you have an eating disorder

Regina Waldroup reports: If you have an eating disorder and apply for life insurance, it could mean trouble for obtaining insurance or knock you out of the running for insurance altogether. The impact an eating disorder has on the body can be devasta…

Causes 2009

Why do Insurance Companies not cover treatment for eating disorders?

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Create A Zen Garden And Beat Stress

Posted By: Franz Cravey on August 25, 2011 at 8:36 am

Pressure sucks. Sad to say life is only getting much further stressful. Zen gardens can aid. People deal with stress in many different ways. This article will tell you about zen gardens, a way that works, regardless of what your scenario. What also helps is that it looks extremely beautiful.

The idea is an organized space for kicking back. It is a common misunderstanding that monks mediate in these gardens. They essentially meditate in front of a wall. Zen gardens are made up of gravel or sand that seems like water, rocks and plants, It doesn’t matter that it is not actually Buddhist an clean space means rest. It is an oasis of calm in an otherwise mad world. I will now tell you how to build one.

1) Find a space. IT also doesn’t really have to be a big area, more often than not small zen gardens work well. Better in fact. It shouldn’t be too shaded either.

2) Light colored wood is successful when building the sand or gravel baths. important. You can also use metal or rock but I feel light colored wood really has the jump

3) Thevery last thing you really want is weeds and things growing up through the sand or gravel. To keep away from weeds and such a fine plastic ground sheet must be laid before putting down any gravel or sand.

4) Equally fill up the baths with sand or gravel. The color is up to you but light color is the path to take.

5) Find some rocks for visual stimulation. It doesn’t matter what they look like just providing you like them. You could also place in some statues. Don’t put in too much though.

6) Rake the sand or gravel. May seem easy but that is the whole purpose. You make the sand appear like the ripples of water.

7) Get a straightforward water feature so that you can hear water as you chill out. Nothing elaborate, just a compact one will do. Less is more.
8) Buy some furniture. Not too much this either. Just a simple outdoor furniture set will do it. Maybe a bench relying on how much space you have to enjoy. This is all about minimalism

9) Plant some flowers. Fragrant flowers like lavender are preferable.

10) Appreciate

Once it is available zen gardens are incredibly low servicing. That is the whole idea of them really. Less time weeding more hours lounging. It sounds easy but this could take time. It will actually be worthwhile in the long run.

Looking to cope with depression then visit my site to find the best advice on zen gardensand learn how they can help you.

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Suggestions To Help You Cope With Mental Tension

Posted By: Rubidoux Tiberius Xavier on August 7, 2011 at 8:07 am

Everyone has problems with stress from time to time. In fact, there are those who are always dealing with stress. Unfortunately, if stress isn’t dealt with properly, it can lead to all sorts of problems. These problems can be anything from sleepless nights to really bad incurable diseases. Of course, acknowledging that you need to eliminate stress is one thing. Knowing the right way to do it is another thing. In this article we are going to talk about some of the ways that you can deal with stress.

Allow your brain to take a break. Instead of trying to carry around everything in your thoughts, write them down. Follow a calendar, use a schedule and make lists every day. This will allow you to not having to wrack brain and worry about if you have missed something that needs to be done.

You can take this a little bit further and request that people send you emails when they want to set up appointments. When you employ this method, everything will be recorded and you will not have to stress out about everything being handled properly and on time. Getting some time off might prevent these situations. People that start feeling out of control, where they can handle their everyday life situations, probably need to take a break and go away for a few days. Change up your routine a little bit by going to the mall or going to see a movie with a friend that you actually like is a good idea. Take a 10 minute break and breath deeply. Let your mind wander away from your daily life. Slow methodical counting to 100 can help. By putting breaks into your weekly itinerary, you’ll energize yourself to the point that what used to be stressful is now not so difficult to handle anymore.

You can chat with a psychologist or counselor to help you with your psychological stress as well. This is particularly true for people who suffer from anxiety disorders or acute stress levels. A counselor, especially one that is skilled, will not simply allow you to say how you feel. These professionals will get to the root of your problems in an attempt to prevent them from manifesting ever again. If needed, a psychiatrist may offer you medication to help you feel better for the long term. Often times, people will avoid a psychiatrist because of what other people will think. Don’t let these issues bother you. Forget what other people think! This is about getting the help you need.

If you think that you stress levels are very elevated, it is essential that you take measures to reduce them. Work with a doctor to ensure that you stay on target and pick out solutions that are healthy and effective. Be patient. It might be a while before you get the correct cure.

One cause of stress that many people don’t know about is dehydration. If you don’t take in enough water, your body can store up toxins, and these can lead to stress. Make sure you consume a lot of water, especially at work. This can help out a lot.

To come across the greatest water coolers for offices, come on by the water coolers for offices resource site today.

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Simple Solutions That Can Help You Deal With Your Everyday Emotional Stress

Posted By: Rubidoux Tiberius Xavier on August 6, 2011 at 9:10 am

Before you begin looking through loads of tips that we provide in this article, you have to realize something. Psychological stress is not anything that should embarrass you. For a long time people who have increased stress levels have dealt with the negative connotations associated with stress. Most times, it is what stops people from getting the help that they need. This does not matter. No matter what people might think, everyone is faced with stress at some point in their life. It is how you choose to deal with stress that really matters. The following are a few of the best methods for dealing with psychological stress.

Write out what is troubling you. Write down how you feel, and by doing this, you will begin to feel a little better. Write down everything. Starting with what initially made you feel bad and stressed, write that down and anything else that comes to mind. Keep everything that you write down in a single location so you do not lose it. In your writings, you’ll notice common occurrences that may be triggers to the stressful events that you experience. Maybe an activity or person triggered the onset of psychological stress. Then, once the triggers are identified, all you have to do is avoid them.

Have a discussion with someone. Expressing yourself with words to another person may help you release negative feelings pent up inside. Lots of people have a hard time admitting that they are going through something difficult. Telling someone how you feel, even if it is someone you do not know, can help you feel better right away. By releasing the stress, you will feel less burdened by your problems. So, to remove some stress right now, you should talk to someone that you know about your problems.

Talk to a physician about your inability to go to sleep at night. Stress can wreck havoc on your ability to go to sleep at night. It’s kind of a self fulfilling prophecy because the stress keeps us from sleeping and feeling tired helps feed our stress levels. There are lots of natural ways to help your body (and mind) fall (and stay) asleep. If these don’t work for you, seek help from a professional. Sometimes, talking to someone is what you need. There will be other times in which your doctor will give you medicine that will help you to fall asleep. You will be astounded at how well you can deal with your stress once you have had eight hours of sleep at night.

Dealing with psychological stress will take some time to learn. Stress is not a simple thing to deal with. It comes from all sorts of sources and manifests itself in lots of different ways. Learning to identify your stress as psychological stress, however, is a good first step toward learning how to properly deal with it and then let it go. Remember: it is okay to need help to get through your stress. Everyone needs to get help every now and then, so do not let this scare you.

Naturally, there are plenty of issues which can trigger tension. One of them is definitely an out of date prescription on your contact lenses or glasses. When you have to strain to read or to drive, this may cause a large amount of stress and tension headaches. Should you change your prescription, you may see your tension amounts drop considerably. Why not check with your doctor right now to find a simple answer?

Swiftly locate a great eye test online to realize exactly what your vision is. Check out the awesome eye test online website quickly.

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