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Learning to Listen to Distressed Classmates

Posted By: wbhazel1 on November 27, 2011 at 10:38 am

This is article written by Abigail Sullivan Moore for the New York Times is a welcome read as it provides us helping professionals with an ounce of prevention if you will. It discusses a student support center and additional resources for college students who may find that life’s challenges have become a bit unmanageable. There is no need to review recent campus tragedies to know that oft times young people today are under an immense amount of stress and pressure with multiple competing demands and all too often little external support. It is good to know that such resources exist and I’m glad many campuses fully recognize this need.

It is no secret that young people often go to their peers for advice, help or just to be a listening board of sorts. It is refreshing that these peers learn to recognize warning signs of despair AND know how to make it sound ok to seek help from a qualified professional. Please enjoy the article:

William B. Hazel, III,

Learning to Listen to Distressed Classmates

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Treating the Traumas Inflicted on Children

Posted By: wbhazel1 on November 23, 2011 at 11:40 am

This Opinion piece was published in The New York Times and written by Bessel A. van der Kolk, a professor of psychiatry at Boston University School of Medicine, is the founder and medical director of the Trauma Center at the Justice Resource Institute.

It raises interesting questions in the mind of this former child protective services professional and should stimulate dialogue from all helping professionals.

Dr. Van Der Kolk speaks of the development and increased understanding of the effects of trauma as experienced in combat but additionally that served through the experience of an invalidating and nonnurturing childhood.

It was distressing to read that President Obama is proposing a reduction by 70% of funding for The National Child Traumatic Stress Network which was created in 2001.

This network was patterned after The National Center for PTDS and serves to study, evaluate and develop treatment for traumatized children nationwide.

I see the policymakers have not yet learned how the least powerful among us are treated is the way we will get it much later.

Please enjoy the reading of this piece and lets get the word out.

William B. Hazel III,

Treating the Traumas Inflicted on Children

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When a Child’s Anxieties Need Sorting

Posted By: wbhazel1 on November 21, 2011 at 11:38 am

This article, written by Abby Ellin of The New York Times was a delight to read as it reflects on perhaps the helping professions most rarest of practitioners.

One would often have an easier time finding hen’s teeth than to secure the services of a competent Board Certified Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist.

This article speaks of such a professional who has been of great service to many of the richest and most powerful individuals in the world: Dr. Howard Koplewicz.

Now having set the stage for a practioner who is personally held in high esteem by governors, a former first lady who also served as a senator and is the current secretary of state I’m sure many reading this introduction would say Who cares?

The rich and powerful have always had the serrvices ofthe best of the best professionals, right?

Well, what struck me about Dr. Koplowicz is he left a cushy position in academe to form The Child Mind Institute which has been operating for approximately a year AND he does pro bono for the traditionally underserved.

To me that makes Dr. Koplowicz worthy of special mention and this article well worthy of publicity.

Dr. Koplewicz’s who has a penchant for schmoozing (a great networker, and fundraiser) is trying to change how child and adolescent pschiatric illnesses are viewed by the public at large.

He seeks to remove the stigma attached and his contributions to the field most welcome.

Please enjoy this article:

William B. Hazel III,

When a Child’s Anxieties Need Sorting

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The Best Ways To Start Enjoying Youngster Rearing If You Are Having A Hard Time Right Now

Posted By: Lebronski Kuwada Xavier on August 24, 2011 at 8:06 am

If you are a parent, no doubt it has run through your mind that the way that you do your parenting has a lot to do with how you were raised. How you parent is usually the sum total of the experiences that you received or experienced with your own parents. By making a point to learn productive child raising skills, you will spare your own children of any bad experiences that you might have experienced early in your life. Of course we believe that is a worthy endeavor and all prospective parents should do this. The best inheritance that you can ever give your children is to become a role model as a positive parent, something that they will share with their own children later in life.

Every person on this planet is unique, and your children are no different, therefore you need to be cognizant of their uniqueness and learn more about them everyday. Sometimes people make the mistake of actually believing that by watching their kids they are actually learning about them. The only way you can be helpful as a parent is to actually understand how your kids think and know more about their personalities inside. Important things to look for include areas of life where they are having challenges and difficulties. Then you will be in a much better position to provide support in all activities whether they are academic, sports related or anything else.

The personality of each of your children has a lot to do with the types of subjects that they will be more or less interested in. Your kids internal molecular structure plays a large role in whether or not they are academically oriented or choose a different direction. All kids are different; some will enjoy school very much and others will not handle school well at all. Once you understand a little bit more about your children and how their personalities are, you can be there to help them along the way. Obviously each child needs to at least understand the value of successfully completing high school. And if they are having problems, always let them know that they can get tutoring help along the way.

Most kids want to succeed in school, and when they start to have a hard time, it will show up in their emotional state. If your child is falling behind, you should be prepared for them to feel depressed, sad, and a range of other negative emotions. Or, if they are called upon during class and do not know the answers, and then perhaps other students laugh or taunt them. By being aware of what is going on, you can be a positive influence in their lives and a helping hand at the same time. One way you can do this is to sit down and have a talk with them about what is going on and how you can help. Your kids also need to know that they can express their feelings, and if they need help it will be available.

Strong parenting skills and strategies consist of as much awareness as possible about your children and the events in their lives which means usually at school. Solid, mutual and positive communications are essential so possible issues do not escalate.

Several individuals find that seeing shows or films together is a great approach to generate shared encounters. This is especially valid for motion pictures and performances that show a confident moral concept. The Lion King, by Disney, is a superb illustration. Look into the Lion King today for amazing benefits.

To see the extremely popular Lion King Broadway for much less than you think, visit the remarkable Lion King Broadway web page at once.

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Tough Parenting Love – Teaching Your Kids

Posted By: Lebronski Kuwada Xavier on August 20, 2011 at 8:59 am

You will have to handle a lot of difficult challenges when your little one transforms into a teenager. This is a part of life that both of you will have to deal with. This is something that neither of you can run away from. But, we do not view this as all doom and gloom… not at all. Your teenager’s high school years should be a fun time for both of you. There will be both new things that will perplex you as well as those that bring about new opportunities. You have to figure out what is possible with your teen and provide them with more experiences that they can handle. But, all of these things are supposed to transform them into dutiful and able adults whenever they grow up and leave home.

None of us can forget about our senior year in high school because we could finally see a taste of what was going to happen. Then it seemed like our last year with our friends was gone before we knew it. So, you know exactly what they feel and what they face on an almost daily basis. This is when you should really offer your support, help them out and just be there for them. Encouragement will always be welcomed, no matter how many times you have to offer it. Just take a look at how well your child deals with leaving home. Then continue to draw upon those parenting skills that have managed to keep you afloat for this amount of time. We know that you will handle everything okay.

One of the most difficult times for a parent is when their teenage children think that they can tell them about the things that they are doing wrong. When this begins to happen the first few times, most parents would not be happy about it. Obviously, the topic and how it was presented might matter. However, realize that teens instinctively always try to break away from the family environment. In addition, teens have to think that what they think and feel really matters, even if we disagree with them.

Children can be very reasonable, and if they feel they are helping you in some important way, then their love for you and natural empathy will compel them to understand. You might see the importance of this approach after thinking of all possible scenarios, which might allow you to see the value in this approach.

One of the most damaging feelings any child can experience, besides not feeling loved, is trying to feel they are accepted for who they are. Even as adults, we know what it is like to be accepted for who we really are. Plus, we all have had children and maybe there were a few things we had a hard time accepting about them. But, nothing changes because they will continue to be our children, no matter what. Hopefully, all parents will advise their children that they are loved unconditionally and will always be welcomed in their home. The outside world will deal with them differently, but home is different too. Assuming the parenting duties of introducing new thoughts and behaviors with your teen children may be rocky, at first. Parents and their kids are all different and will adapt to some behaviors and not others.

Investing time together will help any kind of household. One great way to get this done is to see a show or a film together which shows some sort of moral concept. A fantastic example is Disney’s Lion King. This can be a fantastic program that a lot of families watch together.

To discover the extremely famous Lion King Broadway for significantly less than you would imagine, stop by the fantastic Lion King Broadway website promptly.

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Parenting Strategies For Single Fathers

Posted By: Patronus Lucinda Xavier on August 18, 2011 at 9:19 am

Parenting can often seem like the ultimate challenge because they never stop coming it seems. As well as the usual routine, there are circumstances that may arise that require a journey with your little ones. In spite of the circumstances, you are the sole person your kids depend on when doing family stuff. Any time there are little things that come up; you the parent have the good fortune to take care of it. Not matter how well organized you think you are, there is usually at least one thing that may have gone unnoticed. Of course, this would be the one thing that would surface and keep the ‘never a dull moment’ apparent.

Traveling with a baby requires that you be a master planner and coordinator. Besides that, you can likely plan on the most simple situation turning into something more; plus it seems as if you need to cram enough stuff to last you forever. A few tips for traveling with your baby include simple and common sense suggestions. Diapers – we promise that you will probably need more than you think, so be sure to carry a little more than you think you will need. When you are able, schedule your trip to coincide with you child’s daily routine. Sometimes the original plan may have a few hitches; it is always good to have a different plan to fall back on if necessary. At times on a trip things may not be going as planned, you need to have every base covered as much as possible.

Indeed, there will be times when you aren’t sure of the best thing to do straight away and you’ll be challenged as not only a father but a single parent as well. Sometimes you may find it helpful to have a network of friends who can be there to assist you. Support groups for single dads or parents might be something you may want to consider. It’s easy to find these kinds of groups on the internet and locally. On the internet you’ll most certainly find networks of single parents. You’ll be able to talk with another parent who has experienced whatever you are currently facing. So asking for some assistance shouldn’t make you feel awkward.

Collaboration is crucial when you are in a joint venture raising children. Although it is necessary for older people, it is crucial for the kids. You along with your partner can diminish a lot of your trauma. We advise a constructive and up beat exchange always. Case in point, the majority of parents have their own set of values in mind for their children. Just remember to try to get your thoughts aligned with your partners thoughts. It is crucial that you not make the other parent look bad.

Babies offer special parenting challenges, and you may already know that if you are a parent. However, learning to cope and successfully raise your baby into the formative years and later is rewarding and fun, nonetheless.

It is essential in almost any household to take a break once in a while. Going on a vacation with each other can definitely enhance your relationships. One particular great place to visit is Vegas, because they have plenty of activities for folks of all ages. Seek advice from your travel agent for more information.

To quickly take pleasure in the most fantastic holiday ever, think about staying at the Palazzo Las Vegas. For much more information and to notice how you can rapidly get remarkable prices, come read the Palazzo Las Vegas page immediately.

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Tough Parenting Affection – Instructing Your Children

Posted By: Charles Chisato Xavier on August 14, 2011 at 9:09 am

There is a saying along the lines of nothing good you do will go unpunished. When trying to prepare our children for the challenges of the world and trying to be parents to them, it feels as if that saying targets us specifically. Of course, we all understand what it means to teach our kids various skills they will need. Seeing that it takes a while for adults to grasp the idea that their parents were teaching the valuable life lessons is quite interesting. Sometimes they hated it every step of the way and then later appreciated the lesson once they gained a little maturity.

None of us can forget our last year of high school because we could finally see just a taste of freedom. Then before we could count to ten, it seem like our final year hanging out with all of our friends just seemed vanish. So, you know exactly what they feel and what they face on an almost daily basis. This is the time of their life when you should be supportive by offering your advice and being very much a part of their lives. Positive encouragement is always a good thing regardless of how many times you have to reassure them. Just keep a watch at how well your child deals with the fact that high school is ending and they will be leaving the nest. Then, do what you know is best, and after all those years of parenting. We have confidence that you will do okay.

If they know what’s going on, children and people of all ages tend to be more cooperative. You need to understand that it requires you to be transparent and open about different situations and decisions you made if you want to succeed.

Once they have proved that they are responsible, you can begin the discussion with your child about them having a job. Any kind of freedom is always wanted, but for teenagers with jobs, the biggest benefit has to be spending their paychecks the way they want. Learn to get along with others on a superficial level is another important thing for your teenager to learn as they work outside of the home. It’s never too early to start teaching your children about managing their finances.

In other articles, we have tackled the importance of encouraging teens to get summer jobs as a way to gain experience and learn some vital lessons. Managing money and being responsible are the two lessons that need to be learned here. You have to sit your child down and make sure they are prepared to have the conversation about the topic. Ask them how they feel about putting some savings away, and then be sure you listen to what they have to say. They will be able to learn a lot about money by having to deal with the consequences of their decisions when it comes to money. If they spend all their money, don’t give them anything so they understand what the consequences of their decision is. Parenting at home can be beneficial, especially when dealing with certain types of experiences. For example, we talked about managing money and letting them make their decisions. Even if they spend every penny, they’ll still be safe. Spending all their money will make them realize how frustrating it is not to be able to do something because they don’t have a dim.

To help make it easier to raise a household, you must have control of your money. This will make everything simpler. A good way to do this is to have a checking account, as it permits you much more control over your money. Seek advice from your neighborhood bank for more information.

If you desire some awesome monetary benefits, consider obtaining a Chase checking account coupon. Find out specifically how when you pay a visit to the remarkable Chase checking account coupon web site immediately.

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